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Bus Travel in Spain

Traveling by bus in Spain is much cheaper than traveling by train and it is often quicker. Some helpful links for booking bus travel in Spain.
  1. Bus Stations in Spain (3)
  2. International Bus Routes to Spain (3)

Bus or Train Travel in Spain?
Both buses and trains have their advantages in Spain, depending on where you're going. Find out you should use for your journey.

How to Get from A to B in Spain
Find out the quickest way between dozens of Spanish cities - by bus, train, car and plane.

How to Get from Madrid to...
Details of how to get from Madrid to Barcelona, Granada, Seville and other major cities in Spain.

How to Get from Barcelona to...
Details of how to get from Barcelona to Barcelona, Granada, Seville and other major cities in Spain.

When the Bus is Better than the Train in Spain
Often, you'll find the bus to be better than the train when traveling in Spain. In particular, the routes on this page are poorly served by trains.

Bus & Train Tickets in Spain
How to buy bus and train tickets in Spain. Links to allow you to buy bus and train tickets in Spain.

Barcelona Departure & Arrival
Barcelona is the most popular destination for visitors to Spain. Located in the north-eastern corner of the country, it is a little isolated from the rest of the nation. Read about Barcelona airports, train stations, bus stations and distances between Barcelona and other major Spanish cities.

Madrid - Departure & Arrival
Due to its central location, Madrid is the hub for Spain's entire transport network. Information on all of Spain's buses, trains and flights, including links to bus companies & airlines and travel times to Spain's major cities.

Seville to Morocco
Seville to Morocco. How to get from Seville to Morocco by public transport.

Malaga to Tarifa
Malaga to Tarifa. How to Get from Malaga to Tarifa by bus, train and car.

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