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Bullfighting in Seville - Where to See a Bullfight in Seville

Seville - One of the Most Important Cities for Bullfighting in Spain



Seville's bullfighting aficionados are among the most passionate

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Seville shares the claim to 'home of bullfighting' with Ronda and so is one of the best places to see a bullfight.

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Is Bullfighting Popular in Seville ?

Very much so. If you have a choice of where to see bullfighting in Spain, make sure it is in either Seville or Madrid. The Sevillanos (inhabitants of Seville) are among the most passionate in the country.

The Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is one of the oldest bullrings in Spain (construction started in 1758). Along with Ronda, Seville is said to be where bullfighting in the modern sense first started (before then, bullfighting had been on horseback).

Where is the Bullring in Seville?

The Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is on Paseo de Colon, in front of the river. It is big and yellow - you can't miss it. Unusually for a bullring, it is oval-shaped rather than circular.

When are the Bullfights in Seville?

It is widely reported that the bullfighting season runs from April until late September or early October. However, many guidebooks neglect to tell people that there are no bullfights* in July & August. See this Calendar of Events at the Seville Bullring.

How Can I Book Tickets to a Bullfight in Seville?

Buy your tickets from the bullring (Tel: 954 224 577) or at Empresa Pagés, C/Adriano (Tel: 954 50 13 82).

It isn't possible to book bullfighting tickets for Seville online. However, it is possible to book online for Madrid. Read more about Bullfighting in Madrid.

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