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Bullfighting in Madrid


Bull Fight in the arena of Valdemorillo ( Madrid)
Thomas Vilhelm/The Image Bank/Getty Images

You can find everything in Madrid - and that includes bullfighting. Despite most people's impression of bullfighting as being unique to the whitewashed villages of Andalusia and Costa Blanca, Madrid is a great place to see a bullfight. Find here all the information you need about bullfighting in Madrid.


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When Does the Bullfighting Season Madrid in 2014 Begin and End?

The bullfighting season in Madrid begins in late March. It ends in late October. Read more about the Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2014.


When are the Bullfights in Madrid?

Bullfights are every Sunday (during the season) at 7pm from mid-May (during the San Isidro festival) until October. There is no bullfighting Madrid outside the season. If you will be in Spain out of Madrid's bullfighting season, check out this page on Bullfighting in Spain Schedule for 2014.

Where Can I buy Tickets to See a Bullfight in Madrid?

The easiest place to book a bullfight in Madrid is through this link: Book a Bullfight in Madrid. This ticket also includes a panoramic bus tour of Madrid.

Another way is through is ticketstoros (this website also sells tickets for Seville, Valencia and Malaga bullfights). Alternatively, tickets go on sale on the Friday or Saturday before the event at the bullring (10am-2pm and 5-8pm) or on the Sunday (10am-7pm). Tickets rarely sell out, so you shouldn't have a problem even if you turn up on the door without a ticket.

Other Ticket Offices

  • La Taurina. Pasaje Matheu. Tel: 91 522 9216
  • Galicia. Plaza del Carmen, 1. Tel: 91 531 27 32
  • Plaza de Las Ventas. Alcalà, 237. Tel: 91 356 22 00
  • Teyci. Goya, 7. Pasaje Comercial Carlos III. Tel: 91 576 45 32
  • Localid. Parking Pza. de Santo Domingo. Tel: 91 559 50 28
  • El Corte Inglés. Tel: 902 400 222


Where is the Bullring in Madrid?

There are two bullrings in Madrid - Vista Alegre and Las Ventas. Las Ventas, with a capacity of 20,000 is the more important of the two and is where the majority of the fights take place. It is also more central than Vista Alegre, which is used more now as a concert and sports venue. Find Plaza de Toros Las Ventas on c/Arenal (no 237), metro: Ventas.


Is Bullfighting Popular in Madrid?

Yes. Madrid and Andalusia are the dual epicenters of bullfighting in Spain. Madrid is one of the best places to see a bullfight in Spain - it attracts less tourists and more real aficionados then some of the bullfights in Andalusia.


Other Things You Should Know About Bullfighting in Madrid

For three weeks in late May and early June is the Festival de San Isidro, where there are fights on every day. Some of the best fighters will be in town at this time, so think about booking ahead for these bullfights.

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