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Bullfighting in Bilbao



Bilbao is probably the best place to see a bullfight in the north of Spain

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People don't often associate bullfighting with the basque country, but there is a tradition of bullfighting in the region.

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Is Bullfighting Popular in Bilbao?

Though bullfighting is typically 'Spanish' and usually associated with Andalusia and Madrid, the Basques enjoy a bullfight occasionally too; they certainly aren't against it in the way the Catalans are - remember, the Pamplona Running of the Bulls is held in the Basque Country!

Where is the Bullring in Bilbao?

The bullring in Bilbao is on Martín Agüero, to the west of the downtown area.

When are the Bullfights in Bilbao?

Use of the bullring in Bilbao is intermittent - it is used as much for pop concerts as it is for bullfighting. For the last two weeks of August there are the Corridas Generales, a bullfighting festival during which there are fights almost every day.

There is also a good bullfighting museum for when there are no bullfights on.

How Can I Book Tickets to a Bullfight in Bilbao?

Buy your tickets from the bullring itself - tel. 902 151 500.

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