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Plan Your Trip to Spain


Planning your first vacation in Spain? Then this is the section for you. On this page you will find all the most important information for planning your first trip to Spain. The key information from this page is available in the e-course "Spanish Travel Planning 101" - see the link at the side of the page to subscribe.
  1. Book Your Vacation Now!
  2. Why Visit Spain?
  3. Best of Spain
  4. How to Get to Spain
  5. Guided Tours of Spain
  6. Cities & Regions of Spain
  7. Learning Spanish in Spain
  1. Food & Drink in Spain
  2. Getting Around Spain
  3. Accommodation in Spain
  4. Cheap Travel in Spain
  5. Suggested Itineraries
  6. Events and Festivals in Spain
  7. Practical Advice

Book Your Vacation Now!

If you already know more or less where you want to go and just need to know the most reputable places to book your vacation, you've come to the right place. There's no need to book an expensive and inflexible tour that forces you to eat in the same restaurants as everyone else. Book your flights, hotel rooms and tours individually for the perfect Spanish vacation.

Why Visit Spain?


Where is Spain? What does Spain have to offer the discerning tourist? A quick overview on why you should visit Spain.

Best of Spain

Find out about the very best that Spain has to offer.

How to Get to Spain

ryanair easyjet

So you've decided you're coming, have you? Glad to hear it. Now you need to decide how you're going to get here.

Guided Tours of Spain

Valle de los Caidos

Everyone likes someone else to do all the hard work sometimes. Guided tours are a great way to take it easy and let someone else do all the planning. They can also be a great way to learn about the history and culture of Spain. Even if you wouldn't normally take a guided tour, there are some that are indispensable (read about 'Essential Guided Tours' to see why).

Cities & Regions of Spain

So where should you go when you visit Spain? Check out the best of Spain's cities and regions here.

Learning Spanish in Spain

Lots of Spanish learners come to learn Spanish in Spain. But with so many different languages and accents in Spain, where should you go to study the language? Advice on where to work on your Spanish in Spain.

Food & Drink in Spain

What to eat and drink in Spain. Sangria, tapas, paella and more.

Getting Around Spain

bus sevilla sanctiponce

Unless you're planning just a city break, you're going to need to get around in Spain. But which mode of transport should you use? Are trains always quicker than buses? Is car hire practical?

Accommodation in Spain

Information on where to stay in Spain, including details of hotels, hostels and guest houses.

Cheap Travel in Spain

Living cheaply in Spain doesn't mean you have to make big sacrifices. It just takes a little more effort. Find out how to get the most out of your vacation for the least amount of money.

Suggested Itineraries

How to go from A to F, including B, C, D and E on the way. Which cities are must-sees? Which can be missed out?

Events and Festivals in Spain

Find out about all the seasonal activities going on Spain. Every town or village has its feria once a year, where dancing, drinking and general merriment is the order of the day. There is also a number of other events worth checking out.

Practical Advice

Answers to the types of questions you'd often think too trivial to ask.

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