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Top 10 YouTube Videos About Spain


YouTube isn't just about people's cats, Shakira videos and flame wars between teenage techies, it's also a great trip-planning resource. These are my favorite YouTube videos about Spain.

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1. 'The Secrets to Madrid' Video on YouTube

A professionally made video from InterContinental Hotels in Madrid, the aim is clearly to get you to stay at their hotel, but the video is well made and interesting to watch.

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2. Barcelona - On Air!' Video on YouTube

Shows the most important sights from Barcelona, as well as scenes from a demonstration. The demonstration part goes on a bit, but other than that this is a great Barcelona showcase.

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3. 'Granada, the Heart of Al Andalus' Video on YouTube

A good, professional video on Granada. The narrator pronounces 'Trevélez' wrong, but other than that it is an informative and interesting video.

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4. 'Postcards from Spain - (3) The Bullfight' Video on YouTube

A well made series of documentaries by American exchange students in Segovia. The whole series is worth watching, but this one is the best, showing scenes from bullfighting and the opinions of some of the spectators. Warning: contains goofy students. Oh, and graphic images of bulls being killed.

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5. 'The Beauty and Romance of Sevilla Spain' Video on YouTube

A nice video of Seville. No idea why they've put an Arabic song over the top of it.

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7. '8º encierro Pamplona san fermin 2006' (Bull Run) Video on YouTube

This amateur video of the Pamplona Bull Run is captured from a great vantage point (a balcony looking down on the street below).

To get a full impression of what happens at the Pamplona Bull Run, you should also see what happens at the end of the run, when the bulls end up in the bull ring. This video of ring action in Pamplona San Fermin shows the mayhem that takes place within. Contains strong language.

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8. 'Central Spain 2006' Video on YouTube

A good collection of photographs from all over Spain, including some nice cities that are off the beaten track. OK, their geography is attrocious (Alicante and Cadiz are hardly 'central Spain'!) but the pictures are nice. The music is a good showcase of typical Spanish pop (careful, I said that the showcase was good, not the Spanish pop).

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9. 'Segovia' Video on YouTube

Amateur video of Segovia, with its famous alcázar, aqueduct and Cathedral.

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10. 'Guggenheim Bilbao' Video on YouTube

Photos of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao don't do it justice - you just can't get the full sense of its wackiness from photos! This video shows the museum from all angles.

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