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Euro Converter - Spain's Euro Converted to Other Major Currencies.


Spain has used the euro since 2002, which replaced the old peseta. It is the same currency that is used in much of Western Europe (apart from Switzerland, the UK, Denmark and Sweden). The euro is the only currency accepted in Spain - it is unlikely you'll be able to use anything else, even in the airport. It may be possible to exchange old Spanish peseta notes in a bank, but no shop will accept them anymore.

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Approximate Euro Exchange Rates

For exact exchange rates, visit XE.com International Currency Converter.

Correct on July 13, 2012.

  • One US Dollar (US$) = 0.82€
  • One British Pound (GBP) = 1.27€
  • One Australian Dollar (AUS$) = 0.83€
  • One Canadian Dollar (CAN$) = 0.81€ (0.71€)
  • One Swiss Franc = 0.83€
  • One Swedish Krona = 0.12€
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