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Best of Spain

The Best Spain Can Offer in Places to Visit, Things to Do and Food to Eat


Street off of Plaza de Santa Ana.
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Want to get see the very best of Spain? Have you decided to come to Spain but you're not sure how to get the best out of your vacation? On this page you will find the very best Spain has to offer - the best places to go, the best things to do and the best food to eat.

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The Best Places to Visit in Spain

There are lots of ways of choosing your itinerary in Spain, depending on how little or how much of the country you want to visit at once. Here's some suggestions:

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The Best Things to Do in Spain

Tapas, bullfighting and flamenco top many visitors' ideas of the best Spain has to offer. But what else?

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The Best of Spain on a Budget


The Best Festivals in Spain

The best time to visit a city is when there is a festival on. Find out which are the best.


The Best Food and Drink in Spain

Paella, of course - but what else? And what exactly is 'tapas'?

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The Best Beaches in Spain

Spain has a lot of coastline - and much of it is adorned with beautiful beaches. And if you find swimwear too restrictive - there are plenty of nudist beaches too!


The Best Architecture in Spain

No one could fail to be blown away by some of the constructions in Spain. From cathedrals that are approaching a thousand years of age to super-modern avant-garde structures, there's bound to be something to impress you.


More Top Tens About Spain

More tips and tricks to ensure you get the best out of Spain.
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