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When Should I Visit Spain?


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So you want to visit Spain? But when is best? Though the majority of tourists visit Spain in the summer months, there are things to do all year round.

Your decision on when to visit Spain will probably be based on the weather and the events going on. On this page you'll find a month by month guide to help you make your choice.

Once you've decided when to visit Spain, you should think about where to go and where to stay:


The Most Popular Times to Visit Spain

There are some obvious hotspots when it comes to visiting Spain - the summer and Easter are the biggest.

Read more about The Best (and Worst) Times to Visit Spain.

Read on for details of what is going on throughout the year in Spain.

Trying to decide when to visit Madrid or Barcelona, check out these pages:

January & February


March & April

  • Why Visit Spain in March/April?
    Las Fallas, one of the biggest events in Spain, takes place in March in Valencia.

    Then comes Semana Santa, the drawn-out Spanish version of Easter that lasts a week to ten days in the lead up to Easter Sunday. Almost immediately afterwards comes the Feria de Sevilla, Seville's festival of bullfighting, flamenco and more.



  • Weather:
    You might get some warm weather in Andalusia, you might not, but it's worth packing sunblock and something to keep the chill out, just in case. The whole country is slowly warming up, but the weather could be quite changeable wherever you are. April should see some quite warm weather in Andalusia and sunbathing might be possible, but nothing is guaranteed at this time of year.

    More: Weather in March & April in Spain


May & June


July & August

September & October

November & December


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