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So you're thinking about coming to Spain? Find practical advice on where to go and what to do. Maps of Spain with suggested itineraries tailored to your needs - whether it's sandy beaches, activity holidays or art & literature that interest you. Plus an events calendar and transport considerations to help you decide when to go and how to get there.
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Vacation Planning: Package v Plan-It-Yourself Vacations
Should you pay extra for a package vacation or should you organize it yourself?

The Best of Spain
Read about the best of Spain: cities, regions, festivals, food, drinks etc.

When is the Best Time to Visit Spain?
Find out when is the best time to visit Spain.

Spanish Vacation Planning 101
How to plan your Spanish vacation. When to visit Spain, how to get to Spain, where to stay, how to get around and what to see.

Spanish Travel Planning Checklist
Spanish travel planning checklist. Do you have everything planned for your vacation in Spain?

Types of Vacations in Spain
Types of vacations in Spain. What is there to do on vacation in Spain?

Where Should I Go in Spain? (And How Long Should I Stay?)
Where to go on your Spanish vacation. Where to go and how long to stay when visiting Spain. Vacation Planning and suggested itineraries for your Spain vacation.

When Should I Visit Spain?
When to visit Spain. Month-by-month guide to the weather and events on in Spain to help you decide which season is the best to visit Spain.

Where in Spain Can I....?
Where in Spain is the best Spanish ham, tapas, sangria, bullfighting, paella and flamenco?

Euro Converter - Spain's Euro Converted to Other Major Currencies.
Euro Exchange Rate

Should I take Organized Guided Tours of Spain or Should I 'Go it Alone'?
The pros and cons of taking organized tours in Spain. The advantages and disadvantages of taking guided tours of Spain in comparison independent travel.

Top 10 Things to Do in Spain
The best ten things to do in Spain, from eating tapas and trying authentic paella to visiting the best museums in Madrid and checking out La Sagrada Familia

YouTube Videos About Spain
The best YouTube videos about Spain. Videos from You Tube to show you the best tourist sights.

Road Maps & Atlases of Spain
The best maps of Spain and its regions. Help choosing the best maps of Spain - maps of the the whole country and of the Spanish regions.

How Long Should You Spend in Each City in Spain?
Planning your Spanish vacation. How long should you spend in each city in Spain?

A Very Brief Tour of Spain
Spain for the complete beginner. What it looks like, where everything is and what you can expect to see.

Festivals Month by Month - What's on When & Where
There's nothing worse than arriving in a town just as the locals are clearing up from their festival the week before. Never miss a beat with this guide to where to be in Spain in each month of the year.

Spanish Public Holidays - National Holidays in Spain
A list of Spanish national holidays. Keep a note of what days are a public holiday in Spain.

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Spend Twenty-Four Hours in Spain
The Spanish lifestyle is often quite different to that in the US or the rest of Western Europe. Advice on when and how to eat, sleep and see the sites in Spain.

Embassies in Spain: US, UK, Aus, NZ, Can, S African Embassies
Contact details for embassies in Spain.

Weekend Breaks in Spain
Check out your options for a weekend break in Spain.

Cool Spain: What's So Cool About Spain?
Cool Spain. What's cool about Spain? Find out about some of the cool things about Spain.

Ask a Question About Spain
Ask a Question About SpainSee submissions

Is Spain in the Schengen Zone?
Is Spain in the Schengen Zone?

Groupon Deal for Spain Vacations
Groupon Deal for Spain Vacations. The latest deals on trips to Spain with Groupon.

Groupon Deals in Spain
Groupon Deals in Spain

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