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How to Get from Barcelona to Seville

Barcelona to Seville by Train, Bus, Car and Flights


Giralda Tower, Seville
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Details of how to get from Barcelona to Seville by various forms of transport.

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Barcelona to Seville by Guided Tour

Barcelona to Seville is a long way to travel unless you're flying. You might want to consider a guided tour instead of making your way down on your own. This guided tour departs from Barcelona and takes in Seville Andalusia's two other main attractions - Granada and Cordoba - as well as Valencia. It's still a lot of traveling, but it's nice to let someone else deal with that for you, don't you think? The tour returns to Barcelona at the end.
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Alternatively, check out this slightly shorter tour, which misses out Valencia and leaves you in Madrid at the end of the trip:
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Barcelona to Seville by Train

The train from Barcelona to Seville now takes just five-and-a-half hours and costs about 140 euros. It is the AVE high-speed train which goes via Madrid, though it doesn't stop there. 

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Trains from Barcelona to Seville depart from Barcelona Sants station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Barcelona

Flights from Barcelona to Seville

There are regular flights from Barcelona to Seville. You should be able to get flights much cheaper than train or bus if booked far enough in advance, but the train is now more convenient.
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Barcelona to Seville by Bus

Buses from Barcelona to Seville take 16 hours and cost about 90 euros. The cheapest way to get from Barcelona to Seville, but painfully slow.

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You can book most bus tickets in Spain online at no extra charge. Just pay with a credit card and print out the e-ticket.
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Barcelona to Seville by Car

The 1,000km drive from Barcelona to Seville takes about ten hours, traveling mainly on the A-3 A-43 and A-4 roads. This is a long and impractical journey. Break the trip with at least an overnight stay in Cordoba, perhaps also in Valencia. Another good route is to go via Madrid.
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