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Barcelona to Nice by Train, Bus, Car and Flights

How to Get from Barcelona to Nice


Estación de tren de Barcelona França | 140506-0012276-jikatu  Barcelona, Spain.
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Details of how to get from Barcelona in Spain to Nice in France by various forms of transport.

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Flights from Barcelona to Nice

There are frequent flights from Barcelona to Nice. They are usually cheaper than the train, bus or car.
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Barcelona to Nice by Train

There is no direct train from Barcelona to Nice

Trains from Barcelona to Nice (via Montpellier) depart from Barcelona Franca station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Barcelona

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Barcelona to Nice by Bus

There are two buses a day from Barcelona to Nice. The more expensive one (60 euros) arrives at 4am, which can be awkward regarding hotel check-in. The cheaper one (about 45 euros) departs and arrives later, which is more convenient. When searching for the bus, remember that the Spanish call Nice 'Niza'.

Buses from Barcelona to Nice depart from both Sants and Nord bus stations (the cheaper bus only departs from Nord). Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Barcelona

You can book most bus tickets in Spain online for a very small surcharge (two euros). Just pay with a credit card and print out the e-ticket - much easier than standing in line at the bus station. Remember to search for 'Niza' (the Spanish name for Nice).
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The same ticket can be booked with Eurolines, but Movelia is easier to use.

Barcelona to Nice by Car

The 650km drive from Barcelona to Nice takes about six hours, traveling mainly on the P-7, A9 roads. Note - AP roads are toll roads.

Consider a stop in Figueres, home to the Salvador Dali Museum.
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