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Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Top Ten Things to Do in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter


Walking down Las Ramblas from Placa Catalunya, the area to your left is Barcelona's famous Gothic Quarter.

You may be surprised to find from the list below that there isn't a great deal of things to do. Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is more about getting lost among the narrow streets and discovering a plaza you've never seen before.

Note that once you cross Via Laetana, you are no longer in the Gothic Quarter. This is now La Ribera.

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1. Barcelona's Cathedral

Contrary to popular belief, the famous church in Barcelona built by Gaudi is not a cathedral. No, Barcelona's cathedral is in the Gothic Quarter and is a fine example of gothic architecture.

2. Around Barcelona's Cathedral

Most tourists only ever see one facade of the Cathedral - the one visible from Placa La Seu and never see the rest of the building. Be sure to do a full lap - not only do you see sides of the cathedral not everyone sees, but you also see some of the Gothic Quarters most interesting streets.

3. Les Quatre Gats

Les Quatre Gats is famous for being the site of Picasso's first exhibition. He was also known to drink there regularly.

4. Placa del Rei

My favorite square in the Gothic Quarter. It's a great place to escape from the noise of the rest of Barcelona. You'll often find musicians playing here to the select few people who have found this serene corner of the city.

5. Placa Reial

Barcelona's most famous square. It is home to Gaudi's earliest known works - its two ornate lampposts. Though you'll pay more for your beer here than elsewhere, you get what you pay for - an excellent setting, especially as the sun goes down.

6. Santa Maria del Pi

A busy square with a nice church. There is often an artisan market here.

7. Placa St Jaume

Placa St Jaume is home to both Barcelona's town hall and Catalonia's government. If Placa Catalunya is Barcelona's heart, this is the city's brain.

8. Jewish Quarter

Around Barcelona's main synagogue you will find the remains of the city's old Jewish quarter.

9. Placa del Merce

Placa del Merce is like the eye of Barcelona's storm - this plaza and the streets around it are surprisingly quiet despite being surrounded by Placa Reial, Las Ramblas and the seafront. There are some nice, reasonably priced restaurants around here.

10. Watch the Sardana Dance

Every Sunday, Barcelona's older generations, along with a few bemused tourists, take part in this oddly morose dance.
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