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Top Ten Things to Do In Barceloneta Barcelona

Barcelona's old fishing village and beach zone


Barceloneta is all about the sea. It's about noisy seafood restaurants, pretty marinas and old fishermen's houses. And sunbathing on the beach, of course, (though there are far better Beaches in Barcelona). Here are our top ten things to do in Barceloneta, Barcelona.

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1. Port Vell

Port Vell
Scott E Barbour/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Roy Lichtenstein's Barcelona Head sculpture leads you into the Port Vell marina. Treats to enjoy here include an IMAX theatre, a wood-panneled submarine and the sight of hundred of yachts and catamarans - and even the occasional warship.

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2. Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park, Barceloneta
Image: Rebecca Pollard Some Rights Reserved

Ciutadella is a beautiful park right in the city centre. Enjoy a book in the shade of a fig tree. Row a boat in the lake. Discover the sculptures by Gaudi, Llimona and other Catalan artists. And visit Domenech i Montaner's modernist castle - the Castle of the Three Dragons - built for the 1888 Universal Exposition.

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3. La Champañeria

La Champaneria in Barcelona
Image: Phil-it (Some rights reserved

Absurdly cheap bottles of cava, greasy tapas and sandwiches served in a small bodega. It's so crammed in the late afternoon you'll find spillages inevitable.

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4. Catalonia History Museum

A Port Vell warehouse has been transformed into one of Barcelona's most interesting museums, with exhibits interpreting 3000 years of Catalan history. Go on sunday or monday for a free guided tour.

5. La Jaica

If you like heaped plates of fried fish and jugs of sangria, try this noisy Argentinian joint just off Joan de Borbò. Expect a jostle for seats...and Bulgarian folk musicians.

6. Paella on Sunday

Image: Jeffypoo (Some rights reserved)

Sunday is paella day in Spain. Barceloneta is teeming with seafood restaurants, from the rather exclusive ones in front of Sant Sebastiá beach to the noisy, touristy restaurants on Joan de Borbò. If you're feeling adventurous try the black paella, which is tinted with squid ink.

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7. Nudist Beach

Yes, there's a nudist beach right here in the centre of town. The unofficial nudey zone is the patch of sand between Barceloneta's swimming pool and the the W Hotel, all of whose guests can probably spy on you through their windows!

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8. Barceloneta Cable Car

Barcelona Cable Car
Image: Amy Gahran Some Rights Reserved

For the best views over Barceloneta and the port, take the cable car. It connects across the port to Montjuic. Should the views make you hungry, there's a highly-rated restaurant at the top of the tower, called La Torre de Altamar.

9. Gas Natural Tower

Finished in 2007 this Enric Miralles-designed tower is spectacular from every angle. Get up close to it, and you'll see how complex and daring the design really is. It's now one of Barceloneta's main landmarks.

10. Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo
Image: Thomas Tolkein (Some rights reserved)

Barcelona's Zoo is located in a corner of Ciutadella Park and is best accessed via its southwestern gate. It has over 400 different species on show, including hippos, tropical birds, giraffes, ant-eaters and some rather large cats. it's just under 15€ to get in, and just under 9€ for kids. 

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