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Airlines that Fly to Barcelona

Airlines with Flights to Catalonia


On this page you'll find details of the major airlines that fly to Barcelona airport, the biggest airport in the region.

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Other Airports in Barcelona

There is only one airport in Barcelona. Ryanair claims to have flights to three Barcelona airports, but two airports it unilaterally claims to be in Barcelona (Reus and Girona) are both actually 100km away. Therefore, if you are planning a short trip in Barcelona, you might find some of Ryanair's flights end up being more expensive than you first realise. Read more on these flights:
Ryanair Flights to Reus | Ryanair Flights to Girona

The best way to book a flight to Barcelona is to use a flight aggregator. But don't just trust one - shop around for the best price. The following are the main four price comparison sites:

Compare Flight Prices with
Vayama | Travelocity | Expedia | Skyscanner

Internal Flights within Spain

There are lots of flights within Spain. Read more: Internal Flights within Spain.

Increasingly practical is Spain's high-speed train, the AVE, which now connects Madrid to Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and numerous other smaller cities. For travel between Madrid and Barcelona, the train is now quicker than the plane (taking into account check-in times and airport). Read more on the AVE Train in Spain.

Major Airlines Flying to Barcelona from Europe



Major Airlines Flying to Barcelona from North, Central & South America



Major Airlines Flying to Barcelona from Asia & Oceania

There are no flights from Asia or Oceania to Barcelona.

Major Airlines Flying to Barcelona from Africa

See Flights to Barcelona from Africa.

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