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Barcelona to Santander

How to get from Barcelona to Santander by bus, train, car and plane


On this page you will find your transport options for traveling between Barcelona and Santander.

Barcelona to Santander by Bus

The bus from Barcelona to Santander takes about nine hours and costs about 50 euros. You can book the bus here: Book Bus from Barcelona to Santander.

Barcelona to Santander by Train

There are no direct trains from Barcelona to Santander. You would have to change in Madrid.

An alternative would be to take the train to Bilbao and then the FEVE narrow-gauge railway from Bilbao to Santander. This must be booked in person and rail passes are not valid. Also, the bus would still be quicker.

Book Train Tickets in Spain (book direct).

Barcelona to Santander by Car

It would take about six-and-a-half hours to drive the 700km from Barcelona to Santander, traveling mainly on the E90, E804 and A8. Note that some of these roads are toll roads. Find out about Car Hire in Spain.

Barcelona to Santander by Plane

There are no direct flights from Barcelona to Santander. Book Flights in Spain (book direct).

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