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King of Magic Museum Barcelona


King of Magic Museum

King of Magic Museum

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The Barcelona Museu del Rei la Magia or King of Magic Museum is located in the city centre, on Carrer Jonqueres. The museum celebrates the history of one of the oldest magic shops in the world, El Rey de la Magia, still found on El Born's Carrer Princesa, over a century since it opened.

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The original Rei de la Magia shop opened on Carrer Princesa in 1881, selling theatrical wigs, costumes and objects used in the performance of magic. The museum displays many examples of these objects and offers a historical overview of magic in both Barcelona and Spain.

The exhibits include pictures and objects associated with legends of illusionism such as Fu-Li-Chang, Horace Goldin and Carlston.

In the shop you can find interesting books about the illusionist's art, and buy your own tools of magic.

Meanwhile, the pursuit of a Spanish Harry Potter is underway at the King of Magic school for magic. There are easy-going courses and workshops for adults too. To sign up, go to the King of Magic website, below.

Essential Information

Address: Carrer Jonqueres, 15, 08003, Barcelona

Telephone: 933187192

Website: www.elreydelamagia.com

How to Get There: The nearest metro station is Urquinaona (yellow line), two blocks away.

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