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Sherry Bodegas in Jerez


Bodegas in Jerez

Tip Pepe sherry sign in a bodga in Jerez

Image: Judith Glynn

The biggest lure of the town of Jerez in Andalusia, Spain, is its sherry bodegas. The word 'sherry' comes from the Arabic name for Jerez, 'Sherish'.

There are a number of sherry bodegas in Jerez which offer guided tours. Just turn up on the day and you will be slotted into one of their English language tours.

Alternatively, if you're staying in Seville you can take this Guided Tour of Jerez and Cadiz, which takes in a sherry bodega during your visit.

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Sherry Bodegas in Jerez


  • Pedro Domecq is the oldest bodega and set an 18th-century complex with gardens and patios.


  • Gutierrez Colosia is the only winery beside the river.


  • Sandeman is infamous for its "Don" logo that depicts a shadowy Spanish caballero dressed in a flowing cape and wide-brimmed hat.


  • Osborne is a national treasure, the company behind the roadside black bull signs that are so closely associated with Spain.


  • Tio Pepe is one of the most famous bodegas, largely because of its own roadside signs (and the Tio Pepe sign in Madrid's Puerta del Sol.


  • Villa del Duque, part of Bodegas Valdivia, is a Jerez bodega with on-site accommodations that consist of 10 elaborately refurbished rooms and a swimming pool.

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