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Porto to Coimbra

How to Get from Porto to Coimbra by car, bus and train


On this page you'll find transport information for getting from Porto to Coimbra by bus, train, car and guided tour.

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Porto to Coimbra by Train

There are two types of trains that go from Porto to Coimbra. The journey takes just under 1h if you take the fast train (Alfa Pendular) and costs about 12€. Pay attention to the trip time when booking. Book from Rail Europe (book direct). You'll arrive in the Coimbra-B station but you can easily connect to the center of town (Coimbra-A station) via a five-minute train ride that is included in your ticket.

Porto to Coimbra by Bus

The bus from Porto to Coimbra takes 1h30 and costs about 12€ one way. Book from Rede Expressos.

Porto to Coimbra by Car

The 130km journey from Porto to Coimbra takes about 1h30 by car if you use the A1. Note that there are tolls on some of these roads). Compare Prices on Car Rental in Portugal.

Porto to Coimbra by Guided Tour

You can get to Coimbra easily on this Coimbra Day Trip which includes a stop at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary in Fatima, where it is said that apparitions of the Virgin Mary have taken place. You'll have the benefit of a guide and fit in 2 locations easily and comfortably in one day.

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