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Porto to Aveiro

How to Get from Porto to Aveiro by Train, Car and Bus.


Here you'll find transport information for getting from Porto to Aveiro by train, bus, car and guided tour.

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Porto to Aveiro by Guided Tour

If you want to delve more into Aveiro's history, try this Aveiro Tour from Porto. It includes a ride on a colorful moliceiro, a gandola-like vessel that will take you through the canals of "Portugal's Venice".

Porto to Aveiro by Train

The journey takes 1h15 and costs around 3€ one-way when taking Porto's urban train. The frequent train departs both the Sao Bento station (in Porto's center) and Campanha station. For schedule information, see CP Rail website.

Porto to Aveiro by Bus

The bus from Porto to Aveiro takes about 2h30 (you must transfer) and costs around 10€ one way. Book from Rede Expressos.

Porto to Aveiro by Car

It takes about an hour to get to Aveiro from Porto by car and is about 75km (45 miles) taking the A1 (tolls). Compare Prices on Car Rental in Portugal


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