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Train and Bus Stations in Lisbon

Lisbon's Bus and Train Stations


Train and Bus Stations in Lisbon

Rossio Train Station, Lisbon, Portugal

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Here you will find details about Lisbon's bus and train stations. Being Portugal's capital and largest city, Lisbon is well connected, making Lisbon a good jump-off point to explore the rest of the country.

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Lisbon Public Transport

Lisbon's has a good metro system that connects with the train and bus stations below.

If you plan on using Lisbon's public transport more than a couple of times a day, you may want to get a day ticket or buy the Lisboa Card (direct link).

The trains to and from Sintra (slideshow), Cascias and Estoril are also included on the Lisboa card, as well as discounted or free entry to just about attraction in Lisbon.

Lisbon Train Stations

Lisbon has two main trains stations, Santa Apolonia and Gare do Oriente. Many trains passing through stop at both stations, so keep that in mind when booking or checking timetables.

Santa Apolonia Train Station

  • Where is it? City center, in the Alfama district (Av. Infante D. Henrique).
  • Metro Station: Santa Apolonia
  • For travel to? International destinations (Spain and France), northern and central Portugal.

Gare do Oriente Train Station

  • Where is it? Near Parque das Nacoes (Ed. Gare do Oriente, piso 1 - Av. D. Joao II).
  • Metro Station: Gare do Oriente.
  • For travel to: International (Spain and France), national and suburban destinations (Azambuja). Also a bus station.
There are a few smaller stations throughout Lisbon that serve a few specific destinations, which are listed below.

Rossio Train Station

  • Where is it? Central Lisbon (Rua 1º de Dezembro).
  • Metro Station: Rossio
  • For travel to? Sintra

Cais do Sodre Train Station

  • Where is it? at the Tagus river, Downtown (Baixa), (Praça do Duque de Terceira).
  • Metro Station: Cais do Sodre
  • For travel to? Cascais and Estoril

Entrecampos Train Station

  • Where is it? Just north of central Lisbon (Rua Dr. Eduardo Neves)
  • Metro Station: Entre Campos
  • For travel to? Alfa Pendular, intercity and regional trains throughout the country. Fergus commuter rail to Setubal.

Sete Rios Train Station

  • Where is it? Just northwest of central Lisbon (Rua Prof. Lima Bastos).
  • Metro Station: Sete Rios
  • For travel to? Mainly to northern suburbs. Fergus commuter rail to Setubal. Also a bus station.

Lisbon Bus Stations

Lisbon's main bus station is Sete Rios. It is served by Rede Expressos, which is the main national bus company for Portugal. Chances are, if you are traveling within the country, you'll be using Rede Expressos.

Sete Rios Bus Station

  • Where is it? Rua das Laranjeiras (northwest of central Lisbon).
  • Metro Station: Sete Rios
  • For travel to? Long distance national travel and international travel. Major carriers: Rede Expressos, Eva, and Internorte. Also a train station.

Gare do Orient Bus Station

  • Where is it? Near Parque das Nacoes.
  • Metro Station: Gare do Orient
  • For travel to? Northern Portugal and Spain. Major carriers: Renex, Internorte, and Avanza (spanish). Also a train station.

Terminal Campo Grande Bus Station

  • Where is it? North of central Lisbon.
  • Metro Station: Campo Grande
  • For travel to? Northern Portugal. Major carriers: Mafrense and Barraqueiro Oeste.

Campo das Cebolas Bus Station

  • Where is it? Alfama (Av. Infante Dom Henrique)
  • Metro Station: Terreiro do Paco (5 minute walk)
  • For travel to? Some Renex buses may stop at this more central location on the way to Gare do Orient.

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