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Catalonia - Spain Travel - About.com
Most visitors to Catalonia head straight to Barcelona when they visit the region - and quite rightly too, as it is Spain's best destination. But that isn't to say there ...
Catalonia Guided Tours - Spain Travel - About.com
Barcelona is such a popular city that many people only visit Barcelona when they' re in the Catalonia region of Spain. There is definitely enough to do in ...
Catalonia Beaches - Top Ten Beaches in Catalonia Spain
Top Ten Beaches in Catalonia. Catalonia's Best Beaches. Tourist Information About Catalonia Beaches. Spain beaches, Tossa, Sitges, Costa Brava, Tourism.
Catalonia National Art Museum - Spain Travel - About.com
The National Art Museum of Catalonia or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya ( MNAC) is one of Barcelona's main art galleries, holding the greatest collection of  ...
Catalonia Archaeological Museum - Spain Travel - About.com
The Catalonia Archaeological Museum is Barcelona's principal treasure trove of regional artifacts from ancient history. The museum is housed in the Palacio de ...
Top Ten Things to Do in Barceloneta - Catalonia History Museum
Catalonia once had a trade empire to rival Venice's or Genoa's of which Barcelona was the capital. This, together together with its Roman foundations, the story ...
Who is the Patron Saint of Catalonia? - Spain Travel - About.com
That's right, the same saint who slew the dragon. In addition to being the patron saint of Catalonia, St George is also saint to Aragon, England, Ethiopia, Georgia,  ...
Girona Catalonia - Day Trips from Barcelona
What to do and where to go in Girona, a day trip from Barcelona. How to get to Girona on a day trip from Barcelona.
Is it Catalonia, Catalunya or Cataluņa? - Spain Travel - About.com
What is the correct spelling and pronunciation for Catalonia/Catalunya/Cataluņa?
Catalonia - Cataluna - Catalunya and Costa Brava Spain Travel and ...
Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, includes the Costa Brava, beaches, mountains, and Barcelona. Here are travel and tourism links for hotels, nude beaches, ...
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