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Paul Cannon

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Like many uncivilized tribes before him, Paul arrived in Spain from the north of Europe and liked the climate, the food and the culture so much that he decided to stay. Having established a niche on Barcelona’s beach, he then set out to conquer its rambling medieval alleyways, its tapas bars and its nightclubs. He decided to make Barcelona his capital, and then used it as a base for a series of raids into the surrounding Pyrenees mountains, Costa Brava, and the rest of Spain.


Paul has been living in Barcelona since the early noughties. Having sold sandwiches on the beach and mixed cocktails in the city's frenetic bars, as well as commentating on soccer games for TV, and writing for newspapers and guidebooks, he's been fortunate enough to see this unique city from an equally unique perspective. He speaks Spanish fluently - though Catalan still partially resists - and keeps in shape playing in the local soccer league. He's an avid reader of Spanish history and loves a good, old-fashioned three-hour lunch. In his spare time he likes to discover more of Spain. Whether he's swimming around the coves of the Costa Brava, stomping up a mountain the Pyrenees, marvelling at a Moorish horseshoe arch or eagerly devouring the best tapa in town, he’ll tell you the magic of his adopted country never fades.

By Paul Cannon:

This is where Gaudi dreamed up his his impossible buildings. Where the greatest football club in the world play in front of 120,000 fans. It's where many of the world’s most innovative chefs battle it out on the buzzing restaurant scene. It's where, according to legend, Hercules lost the Argonauts in a storm, and Don Quixote fought the Knight of the White Moon. If, like me, such thoughts excite and inspire you, then find out more about this fascinating city, which I’ve had the privilege to live in for many years. Exploring it never ceases to be an adventure.

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